The Patch Wildlife group was established in September 2005 to improve the Patch for nature, with an aim to increase the diversity of plant, insect, bird and animal life not only in the park but in the surrounding gardens and neighbourhood as well.

Activities we have carried out and Habitats created include the following:





We also encourage more wildlife-friendly management and maintenance of the Patch by the city council in terms of its mowing and pesticide practices, by reducing cutting of the fringes and avoiding glyphosate applications to kill 'weed' plants.


To get involved in the group's regular wildlife activities, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Group History:

Prior to carrying out any nature improvements, a proposed plan of habitats creation and sympathetic park management was drawn up and consulted upon widely with local residents throughout 2006 resulting in general support from park users. The final plans were submitted to the city council in December 2006 and received their approval. We also successfully applied for funds from the Lottery's Awards for All fund and the city council's Environmental Sustainability Grant. With outline permission from the council, we began improvements works in the Patch in February 2007.